Are there Python Libraries to Modify PDF Such That Certain Text Are?

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Are there python libraries to modify pdf such that certain text are highlighted?

Try to use Bitwar Text Scanner to copy text from PDF files without using Modify Pdf Online or other PDF Converter. But it is unnecessary to convert the PDF to Word because there are alternative ways to copy text from PDF which are using Modify Pdf Online Reader DC or OCR text scanner! Method 1. Modify Pdf Online Reader Dc on Mac/Windows Part 1. Modify Pdf Online Reader Dc on Mac/Windows Modify Pdf Online develops the Modify Pdf Online Reader Dc to provide multiple PDF tools for PDF users to edit PDF files more easily and efficiently. Therefore, users can use the software to extract text from PDF, but the price for the software license is quite high. Step 1. Start the Modify Pdf Online software and select Select Tool. Step 2. Please Highlight the Text from the PDF that needs to be copied. Step 3. Tap on Edit and choose Copy or press Ctrl + C / (Command + C for Mac users) on the keyboard. Step 4. Open the Word file on Microsoft Word. Right-click and select Paste or press Ctrl + P/ (Command + P for Mac users) on the keyboard. Part 2. Older Version of Modify Pdf Online Reader Suppose that the Modify Pdf Online Reader Dc is an older version, please follow the steps below to copy text from PDF. Step 1. Open the software and select Graphic Select Tool. Step 2. Next, go to the menu and tap on the Text Select Tool to extract the text. Step 3. Select the Edit menu and Take a Snapshot. Step 4. The Camera Icon will appear in the software and use it to Crop and Extract the text. Method 2. OCR Text Scanner Besides using the Modify Pdf Online Reader Dc, users also can use the other alternative tool to copy text from PDF file to Word, which is the OCR Text Scanner. Step 1. Open the PDF file and go to the text content page. Step 2. Launch Bitwar Text Scanner and choose Screenshot OCR. Step 3. Crop the content and Extract the PDF text. Step 4. Copy the Result and paste it on the Word file.

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Modify PDF: All You Need to Know

Method 3. OCR Text Scanner and a bit war Text Scanner are the two best free alternatives to extract text from PDF files. You can also use the free OCR Text Reader with PDF files to extract the text content from the PDF and then copy it to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office software. Open Modify PDF Online Reader Dc. Choose Tool. Next, select the OCR tool. It allows you to extract the contents of the PDF. If, you click on Crop, the crop box will appear. Step 1. Click on the Crop button. Step 2. Crop the page. Step 3. Extract the contents of the PDF. Step 4. Copy the extracted PDF contents to Word file. Step 5. To extract the contents of PDF, press Ctrl + C/ (Command + C for Mac users) and select Save as text from your computer. The Word document will save.