What Are the Best Python Libraries for Modifying Existing PDF Files?

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What are the best python libraries for modifying existing PDF files?

(Pardon mobile typos) ReportLab and PyPDF shold do. 1)read your PDF using PdfFileReader , we'll call this input 2)create a new pdf containing your text to add using ReportLab, save this as a string object 3)read the string object using PdfFileReader , we'll call this text (I'm leaving out the bit on manipulating your object to make you RTFD. You'll thank me later.) 4)create a new PDF object using PdfFileWriter , we'll call this output 5)iterate through input and apply .mergePage(text.getPage(0)) for each page you want the text added to, then use output.addPage to add the modified pages to a new document Something like. packet = StringIO.StringIO can = canvas.Canvas(packet, pagesize=letter) can.save packet.seek(0) input = PdfFileReader(packet)

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Modify PDF: All You Need to Know

Online The top services I know of to convert PDF files to PUB or PPT online are the same as all the others mentioned above. However, there are a few notable exceptions. There are other conversion tools that offer custom PDF conversion (and I'll get into that below), but none of them provide the level of service found in the providers listed above. That may be because the conversion tools are limited, their prices are lower, or they just don’t work for everyone. With these in mind, here are all the online PDF to PUB converters I know about — along with the pros and cons to each. Pros Cons Versatile: You can convert any file type — even complex files — which means theirs no limit to what you can convert. You can convert any file type — even complex files — which means theirs no limit to what you can convert..