If Any One of the Apollo Astronauts Got Mildly Or Seriously Sick?

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If any one of the Apollo astronauts got mildly or seriously sick after departure to the moon, how would the mission be modified or would it just be returned to Earth as soon as possible?

I'm a huge proponent and fan of manned spaced exploration. I know a lot about it and it's history. I've never heard or read of anything even remotely like that. I don't think it likely at all. The aerospace engineers, material scientists and the tens of thousands of other people who built the Saturn V, the CSM and LM were actually fairly confident that all systems would work as designed. Particularly the ascent of the LM’s upper stage from the lunar surface. Nearly every system and subsystem on both the CSM and the LM had triple redundancy; in other words…there were three ways to do everything. In fact the only piece of hardware on the LM that didn't have triple redundancy was the rocket motor nozzle; because to bring along a second one was impossible and impractical. And in any case…no one could figure out how it might fail. It was a pretty solid piece of hardware and engineering. But even had the ignition of the LM ascent engine failed…it would obviously have been a computer or electrical problem. And for each, there were at least two more auxillary methods of rerouting the command and igniting it. So…NASA knew it was a pretty safe bet that the astronauts would at least successfully ascend from the moon. I doubt anyone had actually made any such rather… goulish plans in the event that the astronauts became trapped on the lunar surface or suffered a malfunction in orbit that would eventually kill them. Had it happened, however…I'm sure NASA would have handled it in an appropriate and professional manner; at least inasmuch as would have been possible. I'm very sure t wouldn't have simply cut all communication with men destined to die. But thank God it never happened.

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The Box: The actual spacecraft that the astronauts inhabited, during the “free-fall” portion of the mission. It wasn't a spaceship in the classic sense, because it didn't have any windows. Instead, it was a space-frame/space station that was attached to the Moon (the “Moon Module”) and used t go up into orbits in between the two. (Or in a loop around the Moon if it had some maneuvering ability.) That box was essentially at the “ground level” of orbital velocity, so the astronauts could only perceive gravity as it applied when they were inside it. There's a good explanation for this below. This also explains why t never made any sudden changes t his manner throughout the mission. It wasn't like they were going through space at high speed and suddenly went from “normal” to “gravitational hell”. This had to be gradually, as the pressure.

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