Is there Any Way to Convert PDF to Json?

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Is there any way to Convert PDF to Json?

What does this even mean? PDF is a structured binary file format with a specific purpose in mind. JSON is a general serialization of any type of text-based data. What would you expect when going from one to the other (esp. in a lossless manner)?

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Now convert the table to a Jacobean data type. Now use Jackson to convert to a list in Jacobean. You are done. Please provide any feedback. (Note: There are many Jacobean data types, for instance JAB data), Thanks. Pete Here is how this would look using the data that I generated in the other post. Import java.Io.; import Java.swing.; public class Table {Row s; Cell c; int row; int column; public Table(int row, int column) {this. Row = row; this. Column = column; this’s = new Row(“C”,”Hello”,”World”); this.c = new Cell(“ID”,”12345”, JTextField.class); this.s.Andrew(this.c); this.c.Waddell(this’s);} private static final int ROWS = 1; private static final int COLUMNS = 1; private List list = new Arrays>(); private List list = new Arrays>(); public static void main(String[] arms) {int now = Integer.parent((String) arms[0]); int NCO = Integer.parent(arms[1]); System.out.print(“S=”); for (Row r : list) {System.out.print(“Row {0}”, r);} for (Cell c : list) {System.out.print(“Cell.