What Are Some Productivity Tips From Various Professions?

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What are some productivity tips from various professions?

You simply lack concentration. That's why your mind is running after all sorts of distractions. What if the mind doesn't run with those distractions any more? see there is a solution. For that you have to do a little meditation. Please read my rather lengthy answer that I wrote for an earlier request. You'll understand why meditation is important. You see there is a reason for a person to be bright. It's the concentration and the qualities that come along with it, that gives that ability. It's a mental thing, mental development. Along with that development comes, being good at . learning things, memorizing them, recalling them fast, analyzing the combinations and patterns, logic, + reduction in stress / anxiety with the loading of studies, which puts a perfect skill platform for studying. All you need to do is strengthening your concentrating power. For that you could do a simple meditation. If you do this, soon you'll find out you're the smartest out there. Just give it a try and see. I suggest, close your eyes and observe your breath gently for a while, and don't think about anything at this time. This will put you in a very relaxed mode. Practice this time to time, you'll feel cool, relaxed and your creativity is increasing. You can use it in your studies in the way I mention below. Doing this simple looking meditation would build up your concentration, and as a result Your learning capacities, memory capacities, analytical capacities will also increase, making you smarter! Also as a general rule, develop the kind of imagination I mention below. I'll take Maths as an example (that's an answer I wrote for a question), Don't let the Maths control you, turn it other way round. You be the master, you control Maths. Don't take it so seriously. When you shrink in to the math topic that's been taught, you feel like you are stuck in it, and get bored. Instead, think about the bigger picture, then that topic would look so light and tiny to you, instead of getting stuck in it. That big picture will make you creative. You'll feel like maths is like some tiny symbol manipulations that would be like throwing those tiny icons here and there in a huge i pod screen, no big deal. Don't get shrink by the topic, you think about the bigger picture, you be the master. If you think bigger than the topic, you'll get to know the manipulations that are being performed as Math functions, on those tiny symbols. That's what math is about, symbols, patterns, and manipulations. If you could develop this kind of imagination about maths, soon you'll find it Maths is your slave, and will never be bored again. You'll enjoy your studies from now on! This applies to other studies as well, and for the things of life also! turn it other way round! I hope you get the idea. Think about the bigger picture, turn it other way round, you be the master, you control the subjects. [The BIG Picture in general is. The mind capacity is so HUGE, so for any subject it's those tiny symbols, patterns and their manipulations to the Mind. Without shrinking to the size of those tiny symbols and patterns, let the Mind be HUGE (run at HUGE) and let it learn those manipulations, which are done on those tiny symbols and patterns] (We need future Einsteins, so be a one!) Her's another simple meditation that you could do and a little insight to what meditation does, What you need to build up is the concentration (not letting the mind run after the 6 senses), distractions simply mean your mind is running after the 6 senses. Start with the "metta" meditation, you could focus on you first and do it (may there be metta, karuna, mudita, upekka in me [ie. May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease] . just mutter the words from your heart), then go (may all the living beings be metta, karuna, mudita, upekka. ie. May all be happy. May all be well. May all be safe. May all be peaceful and at ease.) keep the muttering from your heart. The longer you do it, your concentration would build up (your mind would not run after the 6 senses any longer). What that means is, you have the concentration, you are cool, you won't be distracted by those earlier factors again, you see the answers fast, so fast that you won't even believe. Keep up the meditation from time to time. Doing this is a joy. I really like the "metta" meditation, as it could be done anywhere, anytime. I even do that while I walk, travel also. Good Luck, with your studies!

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