What Is Intergenerational Trauma?

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What is intergenerational trauma?

The response to stressful events seems to be inheritable via epigenetic mechanisms, so the more generations that have been exposed to trauma, the more likely the current generation will be to exhibit stress-related responses, even before t themselves are exposed to stress. This is a truly vicious cycle that has proven intractable to address with modern strategies. There may be hope however. After only 15 minutes, twice daily, for 9 months, ongoing research has found "'So far, students trained in transcendental meditation have violent crime arrest rates about 65% to 70% lower than their peers and have reduced blood pressure,' he [Jonathan Guryan, faculty co-director of the University of Chicago’s education lab] said" The David Lynch Foundation has taught 200,000 children in Latin America TM and invited the state and national governments in the region to monitor the results. Their findings have been similar to the above, and this year the TM organization announced that t now have contracts to train many thousands of public school teachers as TM teachers and their government job will be to teach 7.5 million children TM and advanced practices. Hopefully, this will serve to undo the epigenetically inherited stress in children throughout the region.

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I would argue the same would be true of feminism and our social norms: The social changes take place faster than society can evolve to change. In a sense it only needs to stop at a certain point and the norms will shift. Society may still be changing and a new norm can be formed in that time. I think that the same is true for feminism. The changes occur more quickly than the laws and society can change. But what about the “recovering” women still suffering due to patriarchy, sexism, etc.? How will they be helped without an emphasis on “equality” and “recovery”? I can see the argument that it helps if a recovering woman can learn from her experience. That is a valid goal I agree with. But for the majority of women the goal is not to recover from patriarchy. Or from the social trauma of oppression.

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