Why Cant I Highlight My PDF?

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Why can't I highlight my PDF?

It is hard to say with absolute certainty, without knowing what software you are working with and without seeing the document you are working with, what is causing the Highlighter tool not to work for you. (Modify Pdf Online is the company’s name. Our software products that work with PDF are branded “Modify Pdf Online ”. A lot of our users do the same thing you have done and call the software, “Modify Pdf Online ”. It's an easy mistake to make, since both words start with an ‘A’.) By far, the most common reason this happens is that you have gotten your hands on a document that was produced by a scanner. Often scanned PDF files contain only pictures of the pages, but don't contain any actual underlying text information. When the PDF contains only pictures of the pages, the Highlighter tool in some apps cannot find any text to highlight. The solution is to OCR the document, so that it contains text. If you

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Modify PDF: All You Need to Know

When using these or similar tools, the Highlighter tool sometimes won't find the text you are looking for. It's important to get used to the general way the PDF is viewed to get used to this, and use it to your advantage, but don't assume just because you can OCR a .pdf that you can also highlight text like you could with Word or Preview. This is why we also recommend using a computer screen image or an online document with your document so that you do not have to zoom into a specific area to see the text. In the end, you can always OCR your PDF if there is any text visible. In Summary: Do not assume that highlighting text is automatically handled by all applications when you are using a PDF. If you can't highlight text even when using applications that have support for highlighting text, then you will.